Land Of The Dinosaurs Is Seeking A Talented Cast Of Live Actors, Puppeteers, and Technical Staff.

Audition Times!!!
February 19, 7-9pm
February 20, 2-6pm
February 21, 2-6pm
February 22, 7-9pm
At The Texas Amphitheater
LotD LLC is casting for it’s new musical to be held at the Texas Amphitheatre in Glen Rose Texas. This is an original PG-rated production which will feature some of the biggest stars on the planet. The musical styles include celtic, contemporary broadway, blues, rock and country.

This is an extended run show with 51 evening evening performance dates from May through August.

Part Time Rehearsals and original cast recording sessions will begin as soon as casting is completed, with evening performaces beginning May 10, 2010.

All performers are paid.

Character Breakdown

Richard: (45 ish) A widower. A scientists and father of Jeremiah, Holly and Harry. A little high strung at first, he begins to loosen up during the course of the performance.

Jeremiah: (19-21) Richard’s son and brother to Holly and Harry. Currently in college studying geology, but wants more than anything to be doing something artistic.

Holly and Harry: (10-13ish) Fraternal Twins. Richard’s children. Like any siblings, they spend more time trading jibes with each other than paying attention to what’s going on around them.

Helena: (39ish) A brilliant, but slightly scatterbrained scientist from Scotland or Ireland. Speaks with an accent. Has spent most of her life deciphering her father’s work, and looking for him and her older sister.

Ginger: (19-21) Helena’s older sister. Has been lost for 25 years. Speaks with an Irish or Scottish accent.

Some roles may be double cast.

In addition, we are looking for experienced puppeteers, and a full technical and backstage crew.