• Name means “Tyrant Lizard King” because it was one of the largest and most powerful dinosaurs.
    Discovered in the USA, Canada and East Asia from the cretaceous period. (85-65 million years ago).
    Measured an average of 12 meters long, 5 meters tall, and weighed an average of 6 tons.
    Was a bipedal carnivore.
    Its arms were only 1 meter long with two fingers which were unusually powerful for their size. Hind limbs were much longer and very strong, Had cone-shaped serrated teeth that continually replaced.



  • Given its name (meaning “high-spined lizard”) because of the unusually high spines on many of its vertebrae.
  • Lived in the Early Cetaceous and discovered mostly in southwest United States.
  • Measured up to 11.5 meters long and 6 meters tall, with a weight of about 2.4 metric tons.
  • Was a bipedal carnivore.
  • Had a large, 1.4 meter long head with many thin, serrated teeth.
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